Blowing Little Kisses

My dear friends,

Gianna is a bundle of joy! Each day she brings a smile to my face and usually makes me laugh. Sometimes I laugh so hard that I cannot breathe! Today was no exception as she made me smile the entire day.

Recently Gianna learned how to blow kisses and it absolutely melts my heart. She will bring her hand to her mouth and make the noise, “mmmmaaaaa!” as she extends her arm. She even learned how to give kisses on the cheek as well. It is just too adorable and I probably exhaust her kisses by asking her every two seconds, “Can mommy have a kiss?”

Well, while we were at Mass together she wanted to show off her new talent. She started blowing kisses to the Divine Mercy painting on the wall, to the people near us, to Father, and to me. She especially noticed the woman behind us, smiled at her, and gave her a big mmmmmaaaaa! I hope it brought her joy because I had a permanent smile on my face the rest of Mass.

While we were leaving the church to pray in the Adoration chapel for a few minutes she noticed the sweet old man who diligently comes to Mass every day. As he was steadily leaving the church with his walker ahead of him he waved at Gianna and said hello. Gianna looked at him for a few seconds and then, “mmmaaaa!” He thought it was precious as did I!

The first few minutes in Adoration Gianna was cooing and being relatively quiet. Then she figured it would be a good time to show our Eucharistic Lord her new talent again. “Mmmmaaaa!” She did it over and over as people started to turn around to see her blowing kisses to Jesus. Too cute! She also blew kisses to a woman as she was entering the chapel, to the statue of Mary with the infant Jesus, as well as an image of John Paul II on the wall. I will never forget these sweet moments. My little heart was exploding from Gianna’s adorableness! She is just a little love bug!

I just love this picture of Gianna! I tried capturing her new trick on camera and she took a moment to cheese with a big toothy smile. Too adorable!

Thank You Lord for sending me joy through Gianna. This story will make me smile for the rest of my life!

With love,




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