A New Journey

My dear friends,

When I first started brainstorming ideas for Love Begins at Home I have always had the idea of creating a blog with the aim of becoming something bigger than just myself and my family. As the name of this blog implies the content has to do with Catholic families, marriages, and home living. As I have been creating new posts I have noticed that my content has already shifted from the main focus! My main focus for this blog is to encourage one another as we journey through Catholic marriage and family life. So, I am redirecting my time and energy into fine-tuning the content for this blog. That being said, my prayer is that the Holy Family will lead me to other people who would be willing to write for Love Begins at Home!


Think about a Catholic married couple or family who has greatly impacted you. I am sure that at least one couple or family immediately popped into your head. Why has this couple or family impacted you? I would love to hear why and I am sure others would too! Does this couple or family have a beautiful story about how God has worked in their marriage or family? I would love to hear these stories! Do you or someone you know have tips for how to have a loving and joy-filled marriage 10, 20, and even 50 years down the road? Again, I would love to hear these tips! I would also love to share vulnerable moments during the tough times within the Sacrament of Marriage because this realness and honesty could certainly encourage someone going through a similar experience (i.e. infertility, loss of a loved one within the family, financial difficulties, just to name a few). I would love to chat about the practical tips for family life like sleep schedules, schooling, budgeting, becoming new parents, and beyond! I would love to dig into the rich home traditions that the Catholic faith offers, maybe even traditions that have seemed to have been forgotten. These are just a few ideas for future topics and as you can probably tell I would LOVE to work with you to create new blog posts!

My prayer for this blog is that the writings will be real, not over edited, vulnerable, and truly coming from the hearts and homes of people fully living out their vocation of marriage and family life. I pray that when you read this blog it will be as if you are receiving a letter from a dear friend that will encourage you along your own journey within this vocation.  

All this being said I truly cannot do this alone! So, I am looking forward to connecting with all of you to create and add content to this blog. Please let me know what questions you have regarding marriage and family life, topics you would like to read about, and if you know of anyone who would be willing to be featured on the Love Begins at Home blog! Please message me through the “contact” tab!

Photo by Sasha Knock

I will still certainly write about my own life and family, but I am excited to connect with all of you, get to know you better, and see what we as Catholics are really yearning to learn regarding Catholic marriage and family life.

I ask for your patience as I continue planning future posts with other single women and men, couples, marriages, and families! You all are in my prayers and please pray for me and the Love Begins at Home blog, that we may be guided by the Holy Family!

With love,



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