New Changes

My dear friends,

I know that you have probably been receiving multiple emails regarding exciting changes happening here at Love Begins at Home! Thank you for your patience and I do want to let you know that there will probably be some more changes happening in the near future. Since I am busy working on updating and improving Love Begins at Home I thought that I would share some updates and a podcast episode that I listened to recently.

Here are some updates that will be happening:

  • Guest posts – I am very excited for you all to see what we have been putting together. It has been so fruitful thus far and I pray that it will be fruitful for you all as well!
  • New subscription emails – I am still working on the subscription emails and tweaking them to how I would like. Any feedback would be amazing! Please message me through the “Contact” tab with any feedback you have.
  • Possible new website design!
  • Updating and learning about social media – I have not had social media in a long time. I have only used Facebook and Instagram before and for the past year I did not have any social media. So, I have not been on Facebook for a year and Instagram for 3 years! Back when Instagram didn’t have stories, videos, or the option to post multiple images… A lot has changed and I am trying to best learn how to be a light on social media.
  • A few more changes will be in effect soon as well. This is very exciting and thank you all for your patience!

As I continue updating and improving Love Begins at Home I thought that I would post a podcast episode that I heard recently from Finer Femininity. Leane VanderPutten is a Catholic mother of eleven and grandmother of 27 with a whole lot of wisdom. I greatly enjoy reading her writings about marriage and family life.  This podcast episode is called, “Thoughts… Our Destruction or Our Salvation.” I hope that you enjoy listening to this episode as much as I did!

“We need to get back to where our families are once again venerating Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist, where the liturgy is lived inside the home, where couples are reverencing each other, children are respecting their parents…and women are cherishing and realizing their incredible role in bringing this “Sense of the Sacred” back to our homes” Leane VanderPutten.

We are praying for each of you and your families. Please pray for us as we continue to follow the promptings of the Holy Family and their plan for this blog. Thank you!

With love,



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