Announcing the Birth of Maria Clairvaux

My dear friends,

We are so excited to announce the birth of our baby girl, Maria Clairvaux! She was born on a Thursday at 1:52am weighing 6lbs 6oz. She is just a little peanut and such a gift to our family. Since giving birth to our second child I have already realized how unique each pregnancy, birth, and child is. God truly created each of us with such thought, detail, and creativity. Each one of us are accounted for as God formed us knowing every hair on our head and desire of our heart even within the womb! Each of us are made with a plan that no one else can replicate. What an awesome Creator we have and how thankful I am that He entrusted two beautiful girls to Adam and I to love, nurture, and raise.

nina&andammaternity2019-15 (1)

While pregnant with Maria I did not experience as many pregnancy symptoms as I did with Gianna. However, the pregnancy symptoms that I did experience were a lot more intense. Maria was also a lot lower within my tummy than Gianna was. I remember feeling like I could not breathe with Gianna, especially at night. Since Maria was so low I was taking frequent trips to the restroom due to all the pressure on my bladder.

Maria was born eight days after her due date just like Gianna. My labor and delivery with Gianna was 23 hours long so I was shocked when Maria came a little less than six hours after my first contraction. I barely had to push with Gianna before she was born as it took me less than 20 minutes of pushing. With Maria it took a little longer, maybe just shy of an hour. I found out after Maria was born that she was in the posterior position, which means labor can be a more difficult and often takes a longer pushing period. A few weeks before Maria was born I found out that she was in the posterior position. I then tried my hardest to do the Miles Circuit, but ultimately I said a prayer that Maria would be born without complications or danger. Even if the labor would be more difficult on me I still prayed this intention . I will never know why she stayed in this position, but who knows if a complication could have come up if she was in another position.


Maria’s name took us longer to discover than Gianna’s. I think Adam and I talked about Gianna’s name once and just knew the name God wanted for her. I don’t think we figured out Maria’s full name until maybe the day before she was born. Just like Gianna, her name has a deeper meaning than it would seem. Both of our daughters names were revealed to us through prayer and conversation. I am still so amazed by the fact that Adam and I get to name our child. Discovering the significance and meanings of names is so fascinating to me. I plan to take some time soon to write more about why we named our daughters Gianna Faustina and Maria Clairvaux.

I also look forward to writing more about my pregnancy with Maria and my labor and delivery with her. I have already been writing some blog posts about the postpartum period and motherhood as well that I cannot wait to share! In the meantime please keep our family in your prayers as we grow and learn how to be a family of four!

With love,



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