Announcement to come!

Dear friend,

We have some exciting Love Begins at Home news to share with you all coming up on July 26th, the Feast of Saints Anne and Joachim! These special saints are the parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the grandparents of Jesus. I cannot wait for this special feast day and the announcement, so much so that there may even be a giveaway included. This is my way of thanking those who have been so kind, loving, and encouraging to me since beginning my blog. In the meantime, the novena to Sts. Anne and Joachim begins today (Wednesday, July 17th)! I hope that you will join me and many others in praying this beautiful novena!

I will be praying the novena from Ascension Press found here.

“At one time, July 26 was the feast of St. Anne only, but with the new calendar the two feasts of the parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary have been joined and are celebrated today. Our information about Mary’s parents comes from an apocryphal Christian writing, the Protoevangelium Jacobi (or Gospel of James), written about the year 170. According to this story, Joachim was a prominent and respected man who had no children, and he and his wife, Anne, looked upon this as a punishment from God. In answer to their prayers, Mary was born and was dedicated to God at a very early age.

We know little else about the lives of Mary’s parents, but considering the person of Mary, they must have been two very remarkable people to have been given such a daughter to have played so important a part in the work of the Redemption” taken from

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The photo included with this post was taken by our dear friend Sasha. You can visit her website here.

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