Family Friday for Friday, August 2nd, 2019

Dear friend,

Here are this week’s Family Friday Favorites that I cannot wait to share with you! Don’t forget that today is the last day to enter the giveaway to win some fun Family Friday Favorites! You can learn more about Family Friday’s and enter the giveaway here.

Ignatius Catholic Bible: RSV Pocket Bible 

When I started learning more about my faith while in college I decided to carry my Bible with me at all times. When I was commuting from class to class I would take some time to read it or I would take it out if I had some downtime elsewhere. I was growing so much in my faith at that time and having my Bible with me at all times helped immensely. The only trouble was that I was starting to get back pain from carrying all my textbooks and such in my backpack. I also had troubles fitting my Bible into my purse. My best friend noticed that I was carrying my Bible around and decided to get me a pocket Bible. I was so grateful! She warned me that it was not a Catholic Bible so some of the books were missing. It worked well for the time, but I desired to find a Catholic pocket Bible. I searched and searched until I discovered this Ignatius Catholic pocket Bible. Now that I am married and have children this pocket Bible comes in handy when we are out and about! We can pull it out at any time and read from it. I am also easily able to fit it into my bags and it doesn’t add a lot of weight to my already weighed down diaper bag. The best thing is that when we are traveling we can easily bring it along and use it while we are away from home. It is just good to always have a Bible on hand especially when we Catholics gets a bad rep for not having our Bibles on us at all times! 

You can find the Catholic pocket Bible here.

Grandpa Beck’s Games – Cover your Assets & Golf

Adam introduced me to these two games that one of his clients gifted to him. Both of these games are an absolute blast! Grandpa Beck created these card games to play with his wife, 5 children, and 14 grandchildren. We have played these games with both friends and family. It is so funny because each time we introduce a Grandpa Beck game to others it will start off quieter as players learn the game, but then all of a sudden the noise level gets louder and people are laughing and joking away. Although Cover your Assets has a silly name it is probably my favorite. If you want to play a fun card game with your family I highly recommend these games! 

You can learn more about Grandpa Beck’s games here.

You can find Grandpa Beck’s Cover your Assets game here.

You can find Grandpa Beck’s Golf game here.

Abiding Together Marriage and Restoration with Dr. Bob Schuchts Podcast Episode 

I have listened to this episode a few times and I highly recommend listening to it! I love the Abiding Together Podcast and on this episode they have a special guest named Dr. Bob Schuchts. Dr. Bob has been a marriage and family therapist for 40 years and is the founder of the John Paul II Healing Center. In this episode he shares about the five areas of intimacy in marriage and the role of healing and restoration in the places that have hurt that intimacy. There are so many good quotes and lessons in this podcast episode pertaining to marriage. The Holy Spirit has reminded me of these quotes from time to time. There is definitely a whole lot of wisdom within this podcast episode!

One of my favorite quotes from this podcast episode is from Dr. Bob Schuchts who said, “Our most natural tendency is to try to get the other person to be what we need so that we can be loved well. Rather, when you let go of that and you just honestly love somebody God becomes real to them.”

You can find this podcast episode here.

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