Family Friday for September 13th and some exciting news!

Dear friend, 

I am so excited to share my new logo with you! It is extra special because my lovely friend Samantha created it for me. Samantha is ridiculously talented and I am very thankful that she was able to work with me in creating my logo. I wrote a blog post about the meaning behind it and shared a little bit about the darling artist who created it. If you have not done so already, please check out the post here. I really hope that you enjoy reading about it as I dreamed about getting a logo for quite some time now. Since this is such a special announcement there is also a little giveaway this week! Samantha and I are partnering together to share with you this week’s Family Friday! 


The Secret Diary of Elisabeth Leseur by Elisabeth Leseur

I came across this book when I was looking through Sophia Institute’s “marriage and family life” section on their website. I had never heard of Elisabeth Leseur before and after reading the description of this book I was greatly intrigued. Elisabeth allowed our Lord to work through her so much so that her atheist husband converted to catholicism. Her husband, Felix, was so moved that he not only became Catholic, but he later went on to become a priest! Upon Elisabeth’s death Felix discovered her diary and it was through her inspired words that Felix had a change of heart. Her writings have even directed me in learning how to love those who do not share the same beliefs as me or who even ridicule me for my faith. As you read Elisabeth’s words a deep sense of suffering is present due to the pain of not being able to share the same faith as her husband. However, after her death she must have been so joyful to see that all her pain, suffering, and sacrifices were well worth it as her husband had a change of heart and converted. Elisabeth can teach us all how to love those in our lives who have strayed from the faith or who even call themselves atheists. God hears our prayers and answers them in the most perfect and loving way. 

“Ask, and it will be given you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you” Matthew 7:7.

You can find Elisabeth Leseur’s book The Secret Diary of Elisabeth Leseur here.

You can also find it on Sophia Institute Press, which it is currently on sale here.

I chose this book for this week’s Family Friday because in partnering with Samantha I thought a diary from a saintly woman most related to calligraphy!


Flor de Azahar Calligraphy by Samantha Statt 

Samantha Statt of Flor de Azahar is the lovely creator of my new logo. Even though Samantha is my friend, I can honestly tell you that she was wonderful to work with. She went above and beyond my expectations when it came to designing my logo. I just cannot get over what an amazing job she did. The best thing is that she is using her talent for the glory of God. She sees her calligraphy as a form of prayer that greatly helps her to process her thoughts. Again, I wrote a whole blog post about the beautiful logo Samantha created and a bit more about her Flor de Azahar shop. Samantha primarily focuses on weddings and event calligraphy, but she also creates prints and design work as well. At the beginning of this month Adam and I went to a wedding where Samantha was hired to do the wedding calligraphy. Not only were the invitations absolutely stunning, but she did a beautiful job creating table markers and signs for the wedding as well. It was just dreamy! I have also purchased a few prints from Samantha and they look darling in my home. I love supporting her and her small business because I know that my support is directly helping someone I love and her family.


You can find Samantha at Flor de Azahar here. If you would like to reach her directly please email me and I can get you connected with her. She is not limited by distance as she creates within her home and sends the lovely finished product(s) to you! So, keep her in mind especially if you are getting married or know of anyone getting married!


I am so excited to be partnering with Samantha for a giveaway for this week’s Family Friday! Here is what you can enter to win:

  1. One copy of The Secret Diary of Elizabeth Leseur by Elisabeth Leseur 
  2. Two prints from Flor de Azahar (the Fiat print and the Salve Regina print)

To enter the giveaway please:

  1. Follow me on this blog if you haven’t already – at the bottom or side of this page (depending on which device you are using) you can enter your email address and click the button that says, “Follow.” 
  2. Be sure to check out Samantha’s Flor de Azahar shop! Samantha is offering a discount code on her etsy site for those following along. Use the code “LOVEBEGINSATHOME” to receive 25% off all prints (custom work not included)!
  3. Comment with your favorite married saint! If you know any good books on that saint please include this as well as we love learning about the saints.

The giveaway ends Monday, September 16th at Midnight PST. Winner will be notified by direct message or email. 

I am running the giveaway over on my social media as well. Please check it out (social media links at the top of my website) and feel free to enter the giveaway on my social media as well for more chances to win!

Disclosure: Participants must reside in the U.S. and be 18 years of age or older. This giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed, or affiliated with WordPress or Sophia Institute Press. 

With love,



3 thoughts on “Family Friday for September 13th and some exciting news!

  1. My favorite married saint is St. Monica. I know that sounds unusual but I have always loved her dearly. I grew up in a home with parents who were constantly struggling and I saw how my mom suffered from it. But she continued to love and serve and grow in holiness and pray for my dad through it all. St Monica always reminded me of my own mother and for her radical, patient, and persevering love in her marriage (with how terrible it was), I think she is a worthy submission! I don’t know any good books on her though :(. I just know she is always around my life. I think she knows us and prays for my family often, as she does with all families of difficult marriages.


  2. Thank you for another great post! Saint Rita of Cascia and Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton are both inspirational saints who were married and widowed. St. Elizabeth helped establish Catholic schools, and St. Rita is a patron for families in need of help. Both saints exhibited consistent faith and helped transform many lives.


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